Introduction to the IBSI

The image biomarker standardisation initiative (IBSI) is an independent international collaboration which works towards standardising the extraction of image biomarkers from acquired imaging for the purpose of high-throughput quantitative image analysis (radiomics).

Lack of reproducibility and validation of high-throughput quantitative image analysis studies is considered to be a major challenge for the field. Part of this challenge lies in the scantiness of consensus-based guidelines and definitions for the process of translating acquired imaging into high-throughput image biomarkers.

The IBSI therefore seeks to provide image biomarker nomenclature and definitions, benchmark data sets, and benchmark values to verify image processing and image biomarker calculations, as well as reporting guidelines, for high-throughput image analysis.

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IBSI Google Group Forum

All participants are welcome to visit the IBSI's Google Group Forum to start any discussion topic about the IBSI.